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Wall of Politics at Home exhibition

Textiles get political

This exhibition explored different four political eras through textiles. It was a fascinating look at a range of commentary, boosterism, counterculture, and identity. The exhibition was divided into four “homes” that each reflected a different era. The curators used color coding to distinguish the four sections, so we followed that coding with the titles, labels, and didactic panels. A large window panel served to welcome visitors into the exhibition and also protect textiles that were close to the window and might get too much sun.

See the exhibition online here.

Photos on this page are by Dakota Mace courtesy the Center for Design and Material Culture. The curators for this exhibition were Marina Moskowitz and Natalie Wright. Hannah Tymorek and CDMC design intern Holly Gunnink created the title design for this exhibition.

Read a review of this exhibition in the Journal of American History.