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We’re all about you, but this page is all about us.

Looking for our origin story? No radioactive spiders here, unfortunately.

So here’s the deal: we’re here to help businesses succeed. We have a track record of doing that, and it’s something we’re proud of. But there’s more to success than meeting sales numbers. If you’re in business strictly to make money, we’re not a great fit for each other. If you have a bigger purpose with your business, though–doing work that helps someone, partnering with others who do that, or just putting some of your profits into the hands of people who need help–we might be a great match.

Creative Vixen Design is a progressive, woman-owned, Native-owned business. Our passion is helping women and people of color who own businesses to amplify their voices. Visit the services page to see the ways we can work together.

Photo of Charlotte

About Charlotte

Charlotte Easterling is the owner of Creative Vixen Design. She’s worked in-house and in agencies around Madison since 1996. The most fulfilling aspects of her career have been working with not-for-profit businesses to help them with fundraising efforts, educational projects, and public awareness.

Charlotte is an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, and she’s also Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) by descent. Her design and illustration style are informed by her heritage as well as a wide range of interests including traveling, reading, art (making it and looking at it), and yoga.

Photo by Valerie Hesslink

Photo of Eric

About Eric

Eric Shipley is Charlotte’s husband and business partner. He’s a writer, voice actor, and musician who has worked in-house and independently doing training materials, technical manuals, scripts, short stories, marketing copywriting, and more. When he’s not working–and often even when he is–he’s probably singing, thinking about singing, or just getting done singing. He also loves storytelling, traveling, reading, and cooking.

Photo of Louie the cat

About Louie

Louie Chatnoir is the newest member of the Creative Vixen Design team. He joined us in 2023 as our office manager, research assistant, and food service director.

Louie’s interests include strings, toy mice, scratching pads, and catnip. A true foodie, he’s a connoisseur of canned cat food and a variety of treats.

About our partners

Creative Vixen Design is a small business with lots of connections. Every project is a collaboration between us and the client, and some involve other partnerships as well. Anything that’s outside of the Creative Vixen Design wheelhouse is an opportunity to work with some of these partners, including photographers, videographers, writers/editors, voice talent, web/app developers, social media experts, and more. Everyone we connect with has the same values that Creative Vixen Design does, and they do fantastic work as well.