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Title wall and exhibition graphics for Lace

Making lace out of vinyl

This exhibition featured some of the most delicate textiles from the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection: lace, some of it centuries old. Since the exhibition would be in a room painted dark blue, we used off-white text to complement the textiles. And we wanted to have large panes of glass covered with vinyl printed to look like lace. The overall effect was stunning, and created a cozy little jewel box for visitors to explore.

Photos on this page are by Dakota Mace courtesy the Center for Design and Material Culture. The curator for this exhibition was Maeve Hogan. Hannah Tymorek and CDMC design intern Holly Gunnink created the title design.

Lace exhibition window graphics
The double windows created movement as people walked by them.
Title wall for Lace exhibition
Title wall with supporting graphics
Labels and information panels in Lace exhibition
Labels and didactic panels
Case labels for Lace
There were several cases that required very precise sizing for the labels
Wall of Lace exhibition
There were multiple labels and text panels throughout
Wall and door panels in Lace exhibition
Vinyl panels with lace design covered the windows