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Banner for Mosaic 5K

Reimagining fitness fundraisers during COVID-19

MMoCA typically kicks off the year with a fitness fundraiser in their lobby. With everyone still isolating in January 2021, they had to rethink their first event of the year. They turned it into a virtual 5K that ended with everyone submitting photos of themselves to be incorporated into a mosaic. Local artist Terrence Adeyanju produced the artwork (Running in the Dark) that was featured in the event, pieces of which we used to create a scarf for all the participants.

The event was a success, meeting participation and fundraising goals, as well as helping people to stay connected when we couldn’t be together. The event repeated in 2022, reusing many of the same graphics, and we designed a new scarf featuring art by another Wisconsin artist.

Logo for Mosaic 5K
Event logo
Packaging design for Mosaic 5K
Packaging for scarf and thank you card
Social media graphic for Mosaic 5k
Social media graphic
Scarf design for Mosaic 5K
Scarf design using featured artwork