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Photo of title wall from Frida Kahlo exhibition

Celebrating art at MMoCA

The goal with any exhibition graphics is to provide visitors with context, and not to compete with the artwork. Sometimes we’re able to create some supporting graphics that complement the artwork, which is always fun–or in the case of the BIG exhibition, buttons for visitors to take. These title walls from exhibitions at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art included extra details drawn from the artists’ work.

The photo from the Joel Shapiro exhibition is by Amandalynn Jones. Gallery photos for Far Out and Jeffrey Gibson are by Sharon Vanorny. The photo from Dark Matter is by Jim Escalante.

Title wall from Joel Shapiro exhibition; photo by Amandalynn Jones
Title wall for Joel Shapiro: The Bronzes
Photo of title wall from Art Word Image exhibition
Title wall for Art Word Image
Far Out timeline. Photo by Sharon Vanorny.
1960s timeline and title wall for Far Out: Art from the 1960s
Photo of buttons from BIG exhibition
Buttons from BIG
Title wall from Jeffrey Gibson exhibition. Photo by Sharon Vanorny.
Title wall for Jeffrey Gibson: Like a Hammer
Photo of title wall from Eye Deal exhibition
Title wall for Eye Deal: Abstract Bodies of the Chicago Imagists
Photo of floor text in Garden of Eden
Floor graphics for Dark Matter